Internship Program:

In the past we have provided different people with the opportunity to serve as interns in Emmanuel. These programs are designed around your giftedness and interests. If anyone would like to hear more about our internship program, please get in contact through our contact page. 

Recent Job opportunities:

POSITION:  Short Term Teams Coordinator

DURATION:  Fixed Term, 2 years (subject to review)


This position would seek to build upon Emmanuel Baptist Church’s strategic links with the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland and Southern Baptist Churches in the United States. The purpose would be providing logistical and ministerial support that will connect churches in the U.S. with churches of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland. As well as ministry related to the mission and ongoing work of Emmanuel Baptist Church. These partnerships would be helpful in church planting and church revitalization satisfying the goals of Emmanuel Baptist Church and allowing short term teams to be deployed effectively despite cross cultural differences.


  1. Discover and enlist church partner relationships

  2. Assist with mission focus of the local church.

  3. Source and recruit volunteers for serving.

  4. Arrange training events.

  5. Manage schedules for daily activities.

  6. Communication of team/church connects.

  7. Track church partnership connections.

  8. Evaluate church partner relations and connections.

  9. Assist with Irish Baptist mission Ministry.

  10. Assist in women’s ministry .

  11. Willingness to go on missions with Irish Baptist church planters.

  12. Willing to teach classes at the local church and the Irish Baptist College


  1. Willingness to embrace and pursue the mission of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland

  2. Willingness to affirm the Doctrinal Statement of Emmanuel Baptist Church

  3. Able to meet the membership requirements of Emmanuel Baptist Church

  4. Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills

  5. Understands the importance of sharing the gospel/experience sharing the gospel

  6. Experience working with diverse cultures

  7. Experience with mission work

  8. Basic Bible literacy skills

  9. Ability to maintain spiritual unity and discipleship

  10. A graduate degree in biblical or theological studies from an accredited institution

If you would be interested in applying for this job, then please use our contact page to get in touch for more information.